I am The Ambassador for Peoplepedia.World

Hello: This is Digger Fagan

I am excited to announce I am The Ambassador for The New Website:


Mark Hamilton the Founder of The Neothink Society has created this  dynamic 21st century evolution.

BRAVO   Mark Hamilton

and I am excited to be overseeing this breakthrough to the world.

Go to: http://www.peoplepedia.world

Sign In and start posting Your Entries Immediately

The Entries are under the Titles:   This Is Me, My Soul and This is My Story.

I am posting and having a great time, sharing me with the world.

I will be posting more about Peoplepedia

For you have the opportunity to be immortal…. You need to do this for yourself, for your loved ones and for your future family.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society






How To Take Control Of The Holiday Season As A Neothink Minded Self-Leader

Hello: From Digger Fagan

Have you ever thought how do I deal with the holidays as a Neothink- minded individual.

How do I look at all of the statues, the songs, the world beliefs and stay focused in or is it on my Neothink belief system.

Is the world’s advertising larger than us?  Do we look the other way for 5 weeks?  Do we lash out?  Do we call the world on delusions or illusion we can through into the reality?

Interesting Food for Thought isn’t it.

Please share your thoughts, or insights, or integrations with all of us on this blog.

I would like to hear from each of you.

Happy Holiday….  OOPS…  should I say that?





Thanksgiving A Time To Be Grateful, Are You?

From:  Digger Fagan

Another holiday season upon us, a time to be grateful for all we have.

I am grateful for peace within, my sons, my friendships and The Neothink Society.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for inviting me into the Neothink Society, and I want to thank myself for accepting the invitation.

Life has moved forward for me.

So what are you grateful for?  Feel free to share

Happy Thanksgiving


New Times, New Opportunities

Hello: From Digger Fagan

Well This election has definitely been an experience.

A new opportunity is ahead, that is how I see the election of Donald Trump as our next President.

It is time for a shake up and we have the opportunity to grow, not stagnate or even go backwards.

We should all embrace the new opportunity and begin to grow.

Any thoughts???



I am Interested VS. I am Committed

I have been pondering this statement for the last day.

Does The writings of The Neothink Society literature interest me or are the writing so powerful to me that I am fully committed to the writing and the meanings?

Well…..  I am honestly say I am committed.

The writings in The Prime Literature have offered me the opportunity to look deep within myself and have me find my essence, and then take this new found essence and help others, through  offering the correct services that are right for me,  to the world.

In return I am receiving unlimited happiness and prosperity.

With this new found enlightening information I am committed to help the world.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society



The Importance of Business and Being An Entrepreneur

Hello: From Digger Fagan

I continue to focus on Business and the importance of becoming an Entrepreneur.

It is so important for each of us to move into integrated thinking, through business ownership, and become the person we are meant to be.

You cannot effectively do this by fulfilling other dreams, just for a pay check. And the result… you are a prisoner of the owner and at the owner’s mercy.  You are trapped in a lid over your being.

It is crucial to find you essence and dynamite the lid to open you to fresh air and living the life your should be living, as a Value Creator, As an  Entrepreneur.

Breath The Fresh Air of Entrepreneurship, it is the way to go….

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society



Discovering Honesty, Rationality, Knowledge and Freedom

Hello: From Digger Fagan

Yes, through the writings of The Neothink Society I have found honesty, rationality,  knowledge and freedom.

I have removed the blinders and opened my world to wide-scoped accountability.

I have learned omnipotent mentality and moved into a universal awareness.

My life is broadening and moving forward with this advance thinking.

Thank you Neothink Society

Thank you Mark Hamilton




We are Becoming Value Creators ….. But, Do We Feel?

Hello:  This is Digger Fagan

I was preparing for a presentation and it was addressed, yes, we are becoming creators and able to create the future, But… do we feel what we are creating or are we  back in the olden days still Bicameral and living in a robotic state.

This statement gave me food for thought and through my reading realized Mark Hamilton, The owner of The Neothink Society, had the same dilemma.

What he did was create a dynamic faction, (fact and faction) novel, called the Superpuzzle.  When one reads this powerful faction you can see Mark’s feelings and how important feelings are to the equation of creating.

Let people know how you feel inside.  As humans we have this quality of feeling, so show it, or demonstrate it, do not let it die and go back to a dinosaur era of bicameral mentality.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society

Have a great day,


Workshops: The Way To Bring The Message T0 The Masses

Hello:  From Digger Fagan

Preparing and Conducting Workshops, how important are they?

I say, very important.  Workshops are what the word means, work with a group, in a face to face communal area.

I have been conducting workshops for a while and I am so amazed how the value of the content and the group interaction of the workshop message are shared and integrated.

Yes, workshops are very valuable, and I recommend others to conduct their own workshop, to get their specific message(s) to the masses.

Get out of The Shadows and get into the public eye to help other move forward.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society



I want To Shout Out A Sincere Thank You

Hello: From Digger Fagan

I Want To Shout My Sincere Thank You

My sincerest thank you to all of The Neothink men and women who got out of their comfort zones and attended this year’s Neothink Society Summit and Twelve Visions Party Convention.

Thank you all, Because of each of you, the weekend was a dynamic success and each of us are growing further ahead in our Integrations and our Neothink Mentality. Kudos to each of you.

Steve “Digger

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party