Hello:  This is Digger Fagan

I was preparing for a presentation and it was addressed, yes, we are becoming creators and able to create the future, But… do we feel what we are creating or are we  back in the olden days still Bicameral and living in a robotic state.

This statement gave me food for thought and through my reading realized Mark Hamilton, The owner of The Neothink Society, had the same dilemma.

What he did was create a dynamic faction, (fact and faction) novel, called the Superpuzzle.  When one reads this powerful faction you can see Mark’s feelings and how important feelings are to the equation of creating.

Let people know how you feel inside.  As humans we have this quality of feeling, so show it, or demonstrate it, do not let it die and go back to a dinosaur era of bicameral mentality.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society

Have a great day,



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