The Powers Of The Neothink Society Summits

Hello:  This is Digger Fagan

This past week there has been much talk about the value of last weekend’s Summit and Twelve Visions Party Convention.

Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Prosperity and Unlimited Health, Unlimited Happiness were addressed.

Neothink Society Members united, networked, tightened relationships.  So Powerful.

The vendor tables demonstrated everyone can find Their Friday Night Essence  and be Value Creators.

The Power of Neothink

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party






The 2nd Annual Neothink Society Face To The World Summit 9/23 to 9/25

Hello:  This is Digger Fagan

A dynamic, exhilarating, stimulating educational Summit.

The Neothink Members had a wonderful time.

Mentorship, Fellowship, Comradery.

The 4 Pillars were presented:

The Prime Literature

The Business Alliance

The Cure For Aging

The Twelve Visions Party, in fact, The Twelve Visions Party was conducted

Music, Poems, Value Creations, Vendors,  Products, Services

What a wonderful, powerful weekend.

The Power of Neothink

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society






2nd Annual Neothink Society Face To The World Summit This Weekend 9/23 to 9/25 2016

Hello:  From Digger Fagan

All Right:  It is Here……    The Event we have all been waiting for.

The 2nd Annual Face to The World Neothink Society Summit.

It is going to be a dynamic weekend.

The 4 Pillars will be addressed”

The Prime Literature

The Business Alliance

The Cure For Aging

The Twelve Visions Party

In Fact The Twelve Visions Party Convention will be held this weekend.

Members will reconnect, meet for the first time, and share a great weekend of events and fellowship.

I will blog next week about the Summit and The Twelve Visions Party Convention.

Excitement is in the air……

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society





The 2nd Annual Face To The World Summit is this upcoming weekend. Sept. 23rd to the 25th

Hello: This is Digger Fagan

I am excited to announce the yearly Summit is the upcoming weekend.

The members, coordinators and leaders are excited for this very powerful and integrated weekend.

A weekend that we experience The Civilization of The Universe.

Integrated Honesty, Wide-Scope Accountability, Pure Honesty ,

A dynamic powerful weekend is ahead.

See you at the C of U.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society



Believing That I am A Genius

Hello: This is Digger Fagan

Have you ever thought that you are a Genius?

Do you believe you can be a Genius?

Do you know you are a Genius?

We all are all Geniuses

We need to dig deep inside, into our internal authority.

Believe, Find Our Friday Night Essence, Plan and Take Action.

I would like to hear from Fellow Geniuses, let me know your thoughts.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society







Already 15 Years

This morning as I woke up I went back in my mind to 15 years ago today.

We have choices and we make decisions.

It was 6:45 am and I was shaving, I was going on a business trip that afternoon and I had to decide go into the office  via my usual time route, or, go in later, and first, pick up my laundry and go to the bank.  I chose the latter.

That  decision, in many ways, may have save my life, for you see it was Sept. 11th, 2001 and I would have been at the Trade Center at 8:45 am. Every morning I took the train from New Jersey to The Trade Center.

Many of us who survived had made a choice to: not go our usual routine for one reason or the other.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost their lives that morning.  My thoughts are with their families.

15 years, it cannot be, but yes, it is……….

I invite you all to share your thoughts and comments, I look forward to reading. .


Thank you Mark Hamilton for inviting me into The Neothink Society, and I applaud myself for accepting.



Removing Limitations

Hello:  This Is Digger Fagan

Have you ever thought you could be caged in.

Caged In……… ME?  No……

Well yes…..  YOU

We can and many do create our own prisons.

We cage ourselves in…….

Fear, guilt, low self esteem, economic burdens, settling for less than we deserve, living a burden of life……

All the above are cages we create for ourselves.

Well, isn’t it time to break free from their chains, cages, barriers and live an exhilarating life.

I say unleash the person you are meant to be and live the life you should be living, with unlimited: health, prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

Go for the gusto.

Thank you Mark Hamilton,  The Neothink Society

Please offer your comments, insights, thoughts



Connecting To Our Child Of The Past

Hello: This is Digger Fagan

As I go through my Neothink journey, an important secret was revealed.  It is important that each of us: Connect To Our Child Of The Past.

The innocent, caring loving Child Of The Past. The child who has not been tainted by social ills.

By connecting to our Child Of The Past we break through to a better balance of Ourselves and connect to our Pure Love.

I am so glad that I have connected to My Child Of The Past and invited him back into my life.

What are your thoughts about connecting to Your Child Of The Past?

I would like to know your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society




Yes, We Create Our Own Futures

The key word , Create, there is no voodoo or mysticism, it is out right to know who we are via our Friday Night Essences and being Self-Leaders.

We are Visionaries, who can predict, actually create, our future by creating our future visions.

Creating , yes, Creating

Each of us are Value Creators, creating the future via our visions.

Look into our future, create a puzzle picture and then build the puzzle pieces for the future, back to today, and each puzzle piece is a piece of the puzzle created.

Move forward with The Puzzle Pieces to create the Puzzle Picture.

Yes, We do Create The Future.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society



The Sunday Night Powers Call 8/4/16

Tonight on The Powers call will be discussed:

Developing the power of our minds to pull together knowledge and build Neothink puzzles that will eventually reveal never-before-seen, breakthrough puzzle-pictures.

Building Neothink puzzles surpasses intelligence and lets us break through to the next level at anything, with any existing value or potential value.

Right now we can all start to build puzzles in our minds.

Lets start to use our minds to see the HOW and Why of things around us.