Knowledge is Power But Acting on this Knowledge is Genuine Power

Hello:  This is Digger Fagan (The Neothink Society)

We all are aware that Knowledge is Power but it cannot stop there it is crucial that each and everyone of us takes action with this knowledge and brings it to life via our actions.

Members of The Neothink Society are learning new knowledge daily, but we also know we must act on this knowledge and incorporate it in our lives.

We are also role models to the masses via our actions.

So… are you taking action with your knowledge or is it just letting the knowledge sit?

I would like to read of your thoughts… Please share

The Power of Neothink….

Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society








The 2nd Annual Face To The World Neothink Society Summit 9/23/16 to 9/25/16

Hello: This is Digger Fagan

I want to remind everyone that in a few weeks the next Neothink Society Summit will be happening.

Here is the opportunity for Neothink Society members to come together and share

Integration, knowledge, Friday Night Essences.

We also welcome Non-Neothink Society friends, family members and children to attend

this Summit.

For more details please call 1-800-997-7970

Look forward to seeing you at The Summit.

Please feel free to ask questions or comments on this Blog site.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society.




2 Statements Worth Considering

Hello:  This is Digger Fagan

2 Very Important Statements

As I move forward with my Neothink Society journey.

2 important statements come to my attention.

  1. No valid external authority or higher power can exist or has ever existed.
  1. Valid authority evolves only from one’s own independent, conscious mode of    thinking.

I have been able to do a mentality shift from a Follower to a Self-Leader and understand the importance of embracing the above statements.

My life has move forward and upward since doing the mentality shift.

I would like to know your thoughts on these statements….

Feel free to respond back.

Thank you Mark Hamilton,  Neothink Society




Looking At Life Differently

We in The Neothink Society look at life differently, under the Mentorship of Mr. Mark Hamilton, we have learned.

Creation is meant for human minds.

We understand the importance of a creative driven mind.

Without creation we sink into stagnation.

With our creative driven minds we live in the exhilaration of life.

Euphoria comes from a creative driven life.

Everyone, please note:  man is a mental animal who was meant to use his/her mind.

How well are you using your creative drive minds?  Please feel free to respond with your feedback, comments, questions.

The Power of Neothink

Thank you,






Living a Life with Pure Love and Honesty


My Neothink journey has taught me the understanding and value of living with:

Pure Honesty on my lips.


Today I live with Pure Love in my heart.

Thank you Mark Hamilton

Thank you Neothink Society

Do you understand Pure Love?

Do you understand Pure Honesty?

Let me know your thoughts?

Thank you,





Living My Life In A Self-Leader Mode


This is Digger Fagan and I want to address a major breakthrough for me that The Neothink Society helped me to capture.

While reading the Neothink Prime Literature, I receive a Euphoric moment.

I realized I was fulfilling other people’s dreams, not my own.

I was in a follower mode and I needed to be in a Self-Leader mode.

I was focusing on external authority, I need to focus on my own internal authority.

Today I am in control of my life and I am living my life in a Self-Leader mode.

Are you living you life in  Self-Leader mode?

Let me know, and let’s have a Blog Exchange

Thank you for visiting my Blog site.


Thank you Mark Hamilton

Thank you Neothink Society






The Power of Neothink

As I move forward with my Neothink journey, I am thankful to Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society for the Self-Leadership and Power that I learned to understand and embrace.

The Power of Neothink has caused me to have a mentality shift from a follower mode to the Self-Leader, Value Creator I am today.

What does the Power of Neothink mean to you?

I look forward to reading your feedback.